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Is your child struggling with any of the following?

Stress and Anxiety (including separation anxiety)

Sleep problems

Exam Stress

Transition anxiety going up to Secondary School

Negative relationship with food

Friendship problems

Grief and loss

Anger and frustration 

Sadness or feeling low

Difficult feelings following any kind of traumatic event 

Low confidence or self esteem, including fears around failure or getting things wrong

Feeling 'off' but no real understanding why

Reoccurring tummy aches and headaches

ADHD or high functioning spectrum disorders

As previously mentioned, we are increasingly being contacted by parents whose children are suffering from stress, trauma, anxiety and low self esteem. However, there is limited support available to families, especially in the early stages and for trauma support particularly.

We offer 1:1 sessions for kids who are currently struggling. We take a very relaxed and supportive approach. The type of therapy we offer is solution focused based and is extremely interactive, dynamic, fast moving yet very effective. We use a range of techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping) - see our EFT page for more information, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Matrix, Art Therapy and CBT techniques.

We are aiming to build a resource page over the next few months where you can access helpful tips, download information sheets and access useful links. We are also in the process of creating small videos to help support you and your child(ren).

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